Three Black Women Discuss Their First Time Experiences With Mental Health | Black Ballad

“I was 8 when I realised that the brain could go wrong. We were in the middle of class and the girl on the table next to me started shaking. The teacher told us to move the chairs and tables out the way. Her brain just gets too excited sometimes. Epilepsy.” Read article here: Three Black […]

Dream Nation: Be Well | This Space

Last year, I discovered that people with mental health problems can be successful. Specifically, I discovered that people with mental health problems can be successful professionals: capable, ambitious and influential. I owe this discovery to Kay Redfield Jamison. Read article here: Dream Nation: Be Well – This Space

Be Well Live [Podcast] | Dream Nation

    Discussion Panel. Megan Dalton. Megan Dalton is the founder and editor of This Space an online space that aims to “destigmatise, without romanticising” mental health issues. Megan recently graduated from the University of Cambridge and will shortly be starting work as Centre Administrator for Central London Samaritans. Her previous work in mental health advocacy includes involvement in […]

Be Well – A Mental Health Campaign | Dream Nation

Being a Practical Dreamer is not easy. Often it means putting everything on the line to climb higher and see further than we ever thought possible. At our recent I Have A Dream event, we saw that practical dreaming does not come without its challenges, set-backs and disappointments. We get anxious, stressed and irritable. We […]

Ebola: a crisis of coordination | Polygeia

Despite the welcome news of Liberia’s recent Ebola-free status, recent spikes in Ebola cases in surrounding regions pose a threat to our initial optimism [1, 2]. This outbreak has been deemed the most lethal Ebola epidemic in history since its inception over a year ago and the surrounding narrative has finally begun to acknowledge some […]

“It’s the hinge that squeaks that gets the grease” – Malcolm X: Furthering the mental health discussion in Cambridge | Varsity Online

Following a discussion on mental health at the Cambridge Union Society, Samara Linton details the large number of factors that can affect perception and support.