To The Little Girl With The Plaits In Her Hair | Black Ballad

A letter to the seven year old me, on a plane somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean, about to start a new life.

The I’m Tired Project: Sexual Harassment and Shame | Black Ballad

“We teach girls shame. Close your legs; cover yourself. We make them feel as though being born female, they’re already guilty of something.”

Creating Space for Ourselves: Ain’t I a Woman?

“People ask me: ‘why do you need an African-Caribbean Society?’, ‘why do you all hang out together?’, ‘why are you separating yourselves – isn’t this making racism worse?’… I think people forget that humans always divide themselves. When I look around my college people are divided up based on their class, they divide themselves based […]

black face, white space. | Why Did I Have My Natural Hair at Graduation?

They see my hair and call me brave What a world we live in Where it is brave to love your face To love your natural beauty To cut and press and weave and plait To look in the mirror and always see The majestic woman You were born to be – Samara Linton Read […]

Review: August in Africa Festival 2015 | The Hippo Collective Magazine

August kicked off with great weather and even better music at the August in Africa festival in Covent Garden, the Africa Centre’s free annual celebration of the continent’s rich and diverse contemporary culture. Read article here: Review: August in Africa Festival 2015 – The Hippo Collective Magazine