Be Well – A Mental Health Campaign | Dream Nation

Being a Practical Dreamer is not easy. Often it means putting everything on the line to climb higher and see further than we ever thought possible. At our recent I Have A Dream event, we saw that practical dreaming does not come without its challenges, set-backs and disappointments. We get anxious, stressed and irritable. We doubt ourselves, get frustrated with those around us and can go through low periods.

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Talking Mental Health: Behind The Sparkle Of #BlackGirlMagic | Black Ballad

There is nothing like checking out #blackgirlmagic on Twitter to bring a huge smile to your face. We are climbing flagpoles in the fight against white supremacy, we are marching the streets challenging the abuses of patriarchy, we are in Parliament and in the White House, we are entrepreneurs and we are creatives. We have taken our music across the globe and we have even ventured beyond it. And outside the media’s gaze, we are raising families, supporting our communities, teaching our children histories and tongues while carving out identities of our own.

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Poet Ashley Scantlebury Talks New Book BLAQUE And Artist Activism | Black Ballad

Friday nights in Covent Garden are rarely dull and last Friday at the Poetry Café was no exception with the launch of BLAQUE, a collection of poetry by Ashley Scantlebury and photography by ShotbyDk. The collaboration explores themes of race, gender, beauty, gentrification, love and sex against a backdrop of black British identity. So what better way to spend our Friday night than speaking with the woman of the hour?

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black face, white space. | Why Did I Have My Natural Hair at Graduation?

They see my hair and call me brave
What a world we live in
Where it is brave to love your face
To love your natural beauty
To cut and press and weave and plait
To look in the mirror and always see
The majestic woman
You were born to be

– Samara Linton

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Review: August in Africa Festival 2015 | The Hippo Collective Magazine

August kicked off with great weather and even better music at the August in Africa festival in Covent Garden, the Africa Centre’s free annual celebration of the continent’s rich and diverse contemporary culture.

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The Black British Girlhood Exhibition: Seeing Me | Black Ballad

In 1993, I was born a Jamaican. I became black British in 2012.

The Black British Girlhood Exhibition, curated by artist Bekke Popoola, opened on the 24 July 2015 in East London with a night of poetry, music and screenings by filmmakers such asCecile Emeke, director of the Ackee & Saltfish and Strolling series. The five-day exhibition was extended for a further three days, giving lucky people like me the chance to catch it. The exhibition featured photography, illustrations paintings and textile art by artists exploring and celebrating different aspects of their childhood as black British girls.

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Meet The Cambridge Graduate Who Earned A First Class Dissertation Thanks To… Nollywood | Black Ballad

Discussions on black British identity have largely centred on the experiences of Caribbean immigrants from the Windrush era and their descendants. Where conversations have included the African diaspora in Britain, it is rare that the thoughts and experiences of second and third generation British Africans are considered. However, recent Cambridge graduate, Precious Oyelade, decided to shake up this conversation by looking at British Nigerian identity through the lens of Nigeria’s thriving film industry: Nollywood.

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Review: Brainchild Festival | The Hippo Collective Magazine

On my way to Brainchild Festival, I was still debating whether or not I was edgy enough to spend the weekend at a creative arts festival. As I arrived at Bentley Country Park, I took in the scene. Sunshine and reggae beats welcomed the crowds that were pouring in with colourful gap year trousers, glitter make-up and yoga mats. The site was small with the main stage, tents and installations only a short walk from the camping area. In fact, the installations were the first things I noticed: wooden domes, giant broccoli, and slides. My apprehensions soon died down as excitement took over.Read

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Ebola: a crisis of coordination | Polygeia

Despite the welcome news of Liberia’s recent Ebola-free status, recent spikes in Ebola cases in surrounding regions pose a threat to our initial optimism [1, 2]. This outbreak has been deemed the most lethal Ebola epidemic in history since its inception over a year ago and the surrounding narrative has finally begun to acknowledge some of the structural challenges that make viruses pathologically salient in the first place [3].

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This article was also published by the Africa All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Royal African Society website.