People of colour still aren’t donating their organs – this needs to change | gal-dem

On average, each day, three people die in need of an organ transplant because of a shortage of donors. This shortage is particularly significant for people of colour…   Read article here: People of colour still aren’t donating their organs — this needs to change| gal-dem

Doctors like me aren’t fooled by Boris Johnson’s £850million NHS pledge| Metro

“Yesterday, the prime minister revealed the names of the 20 hospital trusts and primary care organisations that will share an £850million cash boost to upgrade their infrastructure and equipment…” Read article here: Doctors like me aren’t fooled by Boris  Johnson £850million NHS pledge| Metro 

Mental health support for NHS workers is just sticking a plaster on a gaping wound | Metro

The Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has proposed a set of measures to improve the mental health of NHS staff, including a 24-hour advice and support service. As a junior doctor, I can’t help but wonder if these interventions are merely a plaster on top of a gaping wound. Read article here: Mental health […]

My Label and Me: Being a junior doctor is both exhilarating and tedious, exciting and mundane | Metro

When I tell people I am a junior doctor, I am met by a mixture of admiration and pity. ‘Your parents must be so proud.’ ‘Have you had to give mouth to mouth?’ ‘Do you think I should see my GP about this rash?’ Yes. No. And, probably… Read article here: My Label and Me: […]

Why NHS England Shouldn’t Be Charging Migrants For Health Care | Black Ballad

From today, certain migrants will be charged upfront for NHS treatment. A couple of years ago, I met a with a patient with end-stage organ damage, who was nearing the end of his life. A fellow medical student and I had perched ourselves in the corner of his cubicle, listening and learning about his illness. […]