Samara is a multi-disciplinary content producer.

Radio credits include Science in Action (2021, BBC World Service), Health Check (2020 and 2021, BBC World Service), The Evidence (2020 and 2021, BBC World Service), and BBC Inside Science (2021, BBC Radio 4). Television credits include Yung Filly’s Celeb Lock-In (2020, BBC Three).

Samara co-authored Diane Abbott: The Authorised Biography (2020, Biteback Publishing), authored the postscript in Understanding ‘race’ and ethnicity second edition (2019, Bristol University Press), and co-edited The Colour of Madness: Exploring BAME Mental Health in the UK (2018, Stirling Publishing).

She has written for several platforms including the BBC, gal-dem, Black Ballad, Huffington Post UK, The Metro, The Skinny, New Economics Foundation, People of Colour in Tech, Fawcett Society, Royal College of Psychiatrists and British Medical Journal. She has also published research on mental health, public health, and medical education. Samara has won several awards including ‘Best New Journalist’ (2016, Ending Violence Against Women Media Awards) and F. M. R. Walshe and Wilfred Francis White Prize in Neurology (2016, University College London).

Samara also holds several voluntary roles. She sat on the editorial board for the British Medical Journal’s award-winning Racism in Medicine special issue (2020). She was also a collaborator for the Cactus Foundation‘s global survey on mental health in academia (2020) and mental health editor for Dream Nation‘s mental health campaign (2015).